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Process of Entering Thailand and Arrival in Khon Kaen during the New Spread of COVID-19 for HUSO KKU Students

Due to the second spread of COVID-19 in Thailand, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University has set the following procedure for foreign students who wish to return to study at Khon Kaen University during this time.


Before entering Thailand

  1. Please fill out the  ‘Request to Come to KKU’  form to inform the faculty that you would like to come back to study at Khon Kaen University. If you cannot open the Google form, you may use the Word file (Click to open) and send it to the HUSO KKU Foreign Affairs Section through chudakl@kku.ac.th.
  2. The faculty’s staff in charge will contact your Program Chair (Head of Study Program) for approval.
  3. If the Program Chair approves, the faculty will request a new visa request letter from the International Affairs Division of KKU for the student. For student with student ID number starting with 63, the acceptance letter issued for you since the first semester of the academic year 2020 should also be presented to the Thai Embassy/Consulate when applying for the visa. *The faculty will not request for the new acceptance letter as we have decided that you have already been admitted as a student of KKU.
  4. After you have well prepared yourself before flying to Thailand (Visa, COE, ASQ booking, booking for accommodation in Khon Kaen, etc.), please fill out the form ‘HUSO KKU Students Coming to KKU’ in order to inform the Dean about your returning to Khon Kaen and the university. If you cannot open the Google form, you may use the Word file (Click to open) and send it to the HUSO KKU Foreign Affairs Section through chudakl@kku.ac.th.
  5. After you arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will proceed to the ASQ in Bangkok you have booked and start the 14-day quarantine.


Arrival in Khon Kaen

After your quarantine at the ASQ and arrival in Khon Kaen, please follow the following instructions.




Please directly go to your accommodation. (We recommend taking a taxi.) If not necessary, please do not go out to the public areas during the first 14 days of yours in Khon Kaen. Going out for some food and necessities is understandable. The faculty looks forward to welcoming you after the 14 days.


Keep following the New Normal Measures and always wear a medical mask or fabric mask when going out.



Fill out the Report Form for Health Insurance in case you are new student or your insurance has been renewed.


On the first day you arrive at Khon Kaen, please report to Khon Kaen University and record your symptoms for 14 days though this QR Code. [It is a form in the Line application. Please use your mobile phone for this system.] 

As the form is in Thai, please follow the instructions in English here.



Also, the Khon Kaen Provincial Health Office would like you to report through LINE APP by scanning this QR Code. You can use your phone or computer to use this system.

As the form is in Thai, please follow the instructions in English here.


Please also send a copy or a clear photo of the certificate of quarantine issued by your ASQ in Bangkok to our faculty's staff through chudakl@kku.ac.th or Line or WeChat (QR codes below).


During the first 14 days in Khon Kaen, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please visit Srinagarind Hospital (Faculty of Medical, KKU). If you need urgent help, please contact Ms. Chudapa Klangsaeng, the International Relations Officer of the faculty through mobile phone 0633699615 or









For new students, after the first 14 days in Khon Kaen, you may visit Ms. Chudapa Klangsaeng at the office of Foreign Affairs Section, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Building 3, 1 floor, HUSO Learning Center, to collect your student ID card and information about opening your Thai bank account, etc. 


If you are an ASEAN-GMS scholarship student, please also visit Mr. Isara at the International Relations Division, Bimala Kalakicha Building, 4th floor, for the scholarship process.


For your information

  • Travelling around KKU is free! You can travel with shuttle buses. Please download the “KK TRANSIT” APP on your mobile phone for the routes of the buses and more!
  • Accommodations in Khon Kaen may not accept new residents especially foreigners. Please contact Ms. Chudapa Klangsaeng if you need help.



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